An update

Just wanted to do a quick post to say that, although there hasn’t been a whole heap of visible activity on here. That’s not to say that I haven’t been working on some things behind the scenes.

I’ve been working on some ideas for posts whihc are coming along, albeit a bit slowly. A lot of my time recently, has been taken up with helping a new Scrum team get started. This is providing me with many ideas for content for Project’s Little Helper, but not leaving me with that much time to write it up.

Another thing in the pipeline is that I’m starting to get involved in the organisation of the London Scrum Gathering. This is borne out of the London Scrum User Group (LSUG) and is planned for February 2010. More on that soon.

So enough with the excuses. A wise man once told me “Effort = Results”, so I will be putting some effort in soon to get things going on this site.

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