Agile Oxford 2 and wocowork

Also known as “The tale of the wind up Robo Dino and the Agile Wallaby”

I recently wrote a post on the White October blog called wocowork – Our first year of Coworking . You can find out all about the story of the RoboDino in that post.

It’s about our coworking space which we call “wocowork”. It’s a bit like hot desking or a virtual office but cooler! You can find out more about it on this page on the WO website.

It’s also the place where we hold the Agile Oxford meetings. The next edition of which (catchily titled Agile Oxford 2) is this Wednesday night, 9 March 2011.

You can find the new Agile Oxford GroupSpaces group that I recently setup and the Lanyrd event for Agile Oxford 2.

Macropus Agilis - The Agile Wallaby

I have also started the Agile Oxford Twitter feed should you feel like receiving 140 char updates. I decided to use the image of an Agile Wallaby that is from Wikimedia Commons, reproduced under a GNU Free Documentation License.

Come along on Wednesday!

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