LAST Conference update – “Speakers” announced

Over at Better Projects, Craig has announced some of the people who are going to be “speakers” at LAST Conference on 27 July. I use the word “speakers” advisedly, as that will make most sense to reader. However, although there will admittedly be people standing up the front of a room and speaking, there will also be a a sizeable proportion of sessions which are more activity based, and/or will rely on participation from the attendees, rather than just sitting and listening.

As Craig says:

It has a heap of good content lined up. We are just working out the logistics of getting everyone scheduled this week. I’ll list some of the presenters and facilitators below to help you get motivated to buy a ticket before they sell out.

Go and see who we have lined up at Craig’s blog.

I have also updated the LAST Conference Lanyrd page. If you don’t know what Lanyrd is, it’s a “social conference directory”. It’s going to be one of the ways we organise session times, info about the speakers/facilitators, and coverage about the event. It only takes a few seconds to add yourself to the conference using your Twitter account.

PS – You only have until midnight on Wednesday 27 June (one week!) to get a 20% discounted registration. At the time of writing there are only 25 of these left.

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