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The best way to see all of the coverage about sessions at LAST Conference is to go an look at our Lanyrd page, where you can view the session pages, and see the aggregated coverage; slides, videos, visual notes, write ups, photos, etc.

Lanyrd is crowd sourced, so don’t forget to add your coverage to the relevant session.


Most of my day on 27 July, was spent running around from room to room. Checking that everyone was OK, checking that the catering was going as planned, and so on. I also co-lead a session. I did get the chance to sit in on a couple of sessions, at least for short periods, but didn’t get to see a lot of stuff that sounded really great. So I have been looking forward to catching up on some videos of things that I missed. Craig’s been in charge of getting videos of sessions edited, and now he’s announced that they are all uploaded.

We videoed as many of the sessions  at LAST Conference, as we could. Two of the rooms we were running were lecture theatres, which had in built A/V capabilities, with the ability to put the video of the session leader on top of any presentation slides they had. In the other rooms, we simply had cameras mounted on tripods, pointed at the front of the room.

Some sessions didn’t lend themselves to being videoed, or the video didn’t turn out well, so not all sessions have one. However, there are 25 of them, so that should keep you/me busy for a while!

Visual Collaboration

I’ve not started watching the vids yet, except for the one that I have embedded above, and also a bit of Brett Maytom’s session. Lynne Cazaly‘s session about Visual Collaboration. seemed very well received, which I’m really pleased about.

I came across Lynne at a Trampoline Day, where she ran a session, which was quite similar to that in the video. I instantly thought that this was the type of thing that would be great for LAST. You may have noticed that I’m an advocate of UX techniques, and of incorporating more visual collaboration in general, in projects.

The other consideration was that the session was fun, with lots of engaging content, and laughter, as well as being useful. An added bonus…no Powerpoint!

She mentions James Wood’s Systems Thinking session, and she’s put the  visual notes she made up on Flickr. This was done using the Brushes iPad app, and puts my attempts at visual notes to shame. Must try harder!

Lynne also mentions Dan Roam’s book, The Back of the Napkin. I’d recommend this book, also.

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