Ever since meeting Shawn Callahan at a meetup group, and then having him run a session at LAST conference, I’ve been  following Anecdotes’s blog posts. Recently, Kevin from Anecdote posted about the above animation. It’s in the style of the RSA animations, one of the most well known being Dan Pink’s Drive video.

Related to this, I’ve previously mentioned both Jurgen Appelo’s How to Change the World, and Fearless Change, and I recently did a short talk summarizing Appelo’s treatise, at a recent Agile Business Analysts meet up. In that text, he says:

The hardest part of continuous improvement in organizations is changing the behaviour of other people.

I’m not very familiar with Dr. Robert Cialdini’s work, but fascinated about the subject matter. This video, as Kevin says is well worth spending 12 minutes watching.

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