I’m speaking at Scrum Australia 2013

I'm speaking at Scrum Australia 2013

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been selected to speak at Scrum Australia 2013, in Sydney on April 10th.

The session is called “Keep on Trucking. An experience report“, and is going to be based upon the time I spent helping with the Scrum training of the development team at Toll Global Logistics, coaching them through their first projects startup, and advising the Development Manager, Risto Pearce.

Risto will be joining me in a “fireside chat”, Q & A session.

The general categories we are covering are:

Origins: What is involved in transitioning to agile in a corporate IT environment?
Training: What type of training was undertaken?
Implementation: How and what happened when implementing agile?
Evolution: What happens after a department has been using agile for a while?
Beyond: How agile affects other parts of a company.

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