Why I am not a ‘Sensei’

This article is where I reveal why I call myself “Projects’ Little Helper”. It also contains martial arts, but possibly not in the way you think it will.

The most badass web developer I know

If I ever got into a fight. This web developer is who I would want as a wing man. […]

LAST Conference Twitter reaction

While the dust settles, and until I get a chance to write something more detailed about how LAST Conference went this year, here is some Twitter chatter about it:

Tweets about “#LASTconf” //

LAST Conference card sort

Here’s a Vine video that I took during a card sorting session that we had to sort out the schedule for the upcoming LAST Conference, a while back.

Craig and I were ably assisted by Ben Hogan (fellow Agile Coach) and Victoria Schiffer (Melbourne agile community member).