dConstruct 2010. Part 1.

Waiting for the picnics

UPDATE – THis has turned into Part 1 of 1. The podcasts of all the talks can be found on Huffduffer.

I would consider myself a low-ish level geek. My professional capabilities lie more squarely in the herder of geeks category. I can speak a bit of nerd and act as a go-between, if you will.  Nevertheless, I like to keep up to speed with trends in web geek development. Which is why I attended the annual dConstruct conference in Brighton, last Friday.

This is the second time that I have been to dConstruct. Another reason that I go is to break out of the “can we make this font “fatter”?” minutiae of the day job to maintain a view on innovation and what is possible now and in the (near) future…if only the clients/upper management would agree!

The theme of dConstruct this year was “Design and Creativity” and you can listen to all of the talks on the dConstruct podcast.

I’m going to report on Tom Coates, Merlin Mann and James Bridle’s talks in this post and then go on to do the same with the other speakers in subsequent posts.

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