I’m speaking at Scrum Australia 2013

I'm speaking at Scrum Australia 2013

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been selected to speak at Scrum Australia 2013, in Sydney on April 10th.

The session is called “Keep on Trucking. An experience report“, and is going to be based upon the time I spent helping with the Scrum training of the development team at Toll Global Logistics, coaching them through their first projects startup, and advising the Development Manager, Risto Pearce.

Risto will be joining me in a “fireside chat”, Q & A session.

The general categories we are covering are:

Origins: What is involved in transitioning to agile in a corporate IT environment?
Training: What type of training was undertaken?
Implementation: How and what happened when implementing agile?
Evolution: What happens after a department has been using agile for a while?
Beyond: How agile affects other parts of a company.


Ever since meeting Shawn Callahan at a meetup group, and then having him run a session at LAST conference, I’ve been  following Anecdotes’s blog posts. Recently, Kevin from Anecdote posted about the above animation. It’s in the style of the RSA animations, one of the most well known being Dan Pink’s Drive video.

Related to this, I’ve previously mentioned both Jurgen Appelo’s How to Change the World, and Fearless Change, and I recently did a short talk summarizing Appelo’s treatise, at a recent Agile Business Analysts meet up. In that text, he says:

The hardest part of continuous improvement in organizations is changing the behaviour of other people.

I’m not very familiar with Dr. Robert Cialdini’s work, but fascinated about the subject matter. This video, as Kevin says is well worth spending 12 minutes watching.

Introducing: Agile Business Analysis course.

Agile Business Analysis Training Course samples

A service that I offer is training courses for people entering into or who have started to be involved in agile projects. I know when I first started on an agile team, going on a training course really helped to put all the pieces together, in a way that reading books and articles couldn’t quite match.

Agile Business Analysis course

I have developed a course called  Agile Business Analysis. The 2 day course covers the principles underpinning agile development, and how as a business analyst you can be involved in agile projects in the following areas:

  • establishing project vision and needs
  • understanding your users
  • User stories, story mapping and Product Backlogs
  • Planning and Estimation
  • quality and project governance
  • solving BA challenges
  • continuous improvement

Practical activities are used throughout the course; you will envision a product, and progress through different approaches to build a shared understanding of that product vision. As an advocate of agile/lean User Experience techniques, I include a good amount of content from that discipline.

This course can be run in-house, and it is also run publicly at various times during the year.

This course should also be eligible to be counted towards continuing education/professional development units requirements of various professional qualifications. I can provide you a certificate of attendance, should you need one.

Would you like to know more?

To find out when the next public course will be held, or to enquire about an in-house course, please contact me