About Guerrilla Agile training

About Guerrilla Training

Agile training—Different, better, more authentic

The Guerrilla Training series consists of one or two day sessions held in stimulating venues. Agile and lean is meant to be different and better. So why shouldn’t agile and lean training be different and better, too?

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What’s it all about?

Reading room café photo. Guerrilla agile training space.

Update – I have written more about The Story Behind Guerrilla Training on my blog

Guerrilla Training, is a training concept that aims to be an alternative model for lean and agile training . The idea is that of highly engaging, authentic, professional courses that are held in spaces such as the one you can see above. The aim is that this is  more stimulating than the typical training course venue.

If you’ve done a course in a corporate training facility, you’ll be familiar with tables on wheels, mints in little bowls, grey carpet, and so on. The trainer stands at the front of the room and shows you a bunch of slides. The worst type consists of bullet points, and maybe a couple of exercises. Improvements are made when the course material allows for a lot of workshop activity time. Still, there’s something about the environment that drags things down, for me.

Enter…guerrilla training

Guerrrila coffee

Guerrilla Training days are focussed and inspiring working/learning sessions, with really good coffee.

Being lean and agile is supposed to be about ways of working differently, and better. So shouldn’t lean and agile training be different and better too?

The environment favours:

  • drawing and discussion over data projectors
  • solving problems from your workplace over never-ending theory
  • espresso machine over instant
  • trainer pairing over solo trainer

The criteria for venues is that they are easy to get to by public transport, have a suitable space that has a vibe different from a training facility, and serve or are close to decent food and coffee.

We will have a regular cadence of café training days in venues in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, as well as the CBD. We are looking at starting this up as soon as possible, to test the concept.

I  will often pair with other colleagues in the LAST Conference and Tabar Collective networks. Trainers will be some of the leading practitioners in the space in Melbourne.

Other topics being developed are:

  • Visual Facilitation
  • Kanban
  • Agile Product Design
  • Management 3.0
  • Agile Management
  • Agile Testing

Please contact me to register your interest, or if you have some training you think might be good for this agile training format.

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