Guerrilla Training

Here are details of current courses in the series. Find out more about the Guerrilla Training concept.

List of upcoming Guerrilla Training courses

Course name Scheduled dates Location $ Info/Register
Lean and Agile Project Management using Scrum Contact us Melbourne – Docklands $549/$599 Info
Agile Product Development  Contact us Melbourne – Hawthorn $549/$599 Info
introduction to User Experience  Contact us Melbourne – Hawthorn $549/$599 Info
Introduction to Kanban  Contact us Melbourne $549/$599 Info
Agile Technical Excellence Using Scrum and XP TBA Melbourne – Docklands $1100/$1400 Info
Accelerated Introduction to Agile TBA Melbourne Info
Visual Facilitation/Graphic Recording TBA Melbourne Info

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Information about the courses

Lean and Agile Project Management using Scrum

neil headScrum and Agile have been around for years, but organisations are still struggling to realise the potential benefits of using them. Much of this stems from the myriad of tools, frameworks, practices, methodologies and processes in the market that all claim to make your teams more efficient which, in turn, will lead to an Agile organisation.

Neil Killick and  Ed Wong team up to provide what could be the most authentic Agile training in Melbourne, perhaps Australia.

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Agile Product Development

ed wong headshotEd Wong and Craig Brown team up to help you initiate agile products and projects.

The course covers the principles underpinning agile development, with activities used throughout the course; you will envision a product, and progress through different approaches to build a shared understanding of that product vision.

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Introduction to User Experience

tolladyBen Tollady from Thirst Studios, a Melbourne User Experience agency and Ed Wong will help you to understand what UX is, and how you can apply UX principles to your work.

As well as learning what UX is, you’ll find out ways of incorporating user experience principles and techniques into your projects.

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Visual management and Kanban Kickstart

hoganBen Hogan covers the theory and practice of the Kanban process.

Kanban  is a popular method for managing work, based on Lean and System Thinking concepts.  It has a focus on visualising the work, limiting the work to the team capacity and providing improved time to market and better predictability.

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Agile Technical Excellence Using Scrum and XP

James HolmesUsing a combination of XP principles, modern, lightweight tools and an Agile mindset, it is now possible to move away from the bad old days of legacy systems that no one wants to touch. We can now automate previously cumbersome and time consuming manual tasks like regression testing. We can all but eliminate bugs from production software by building quality into our products at development time rather than inspecting to check it’s there after it is built.

James Holmes and Neil Killick present a 2-day course that will teach you all the key techniques and principles to achieve Agile Technical Excellence, allowing your company to frequently release incremental value without slowing down or creating technical debt in the process.

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Accelerated Introduction to Agile

hoganDo you need to catch up on the industry?

Ben Hogan’s 1 day intensive workshop will cover the basics of Agile and what it means for you. It covers the Agile Manifesto, the fundamentals of the popular agile methods. We also practice several common techniques to show how they should operate.

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Visualizing your work

Tabar shield logoA core practice of Agile is to visualise your work to make things transparent and to amplify mutual understanding.

Most people stop at visualizing their workflow; To do, doing, done. There is so much more that can be, and should be visualised.

Come along to this one day workshop where we run you through 8 different visualisations that will help you get your work done.

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Visual Facilitation

Tabar shield logoVisual Facilitation (also known as Graphic Facilitation) is very popular right now. Do you want to learn how to make striking notes etc.

Learn techniques to improve your drawing and listening skills so that you can capture conversations visually.

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Agile Testing

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As agile software professionals, we want to produce working, tested software at regular intervals.

Automated testing tools are  important and useful for agile development teams to deliver on this promise.

Come to this course and learn about how you can implement automated testing tools on your projects.

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