It’s official. The first Agile Oxford meetup is 16 November.

I’ve replicated the post that I just made on the Agile Oxford Google group.

OK, I’ve sorted out the details.

Our first meetup is on Tuesday 16th November at the offices of White
October at 7pm.

The address is:
3 The Gallery
54 Marston St
Oxford OX4 1LF

Directions here:

There is ample parking at the rear of the building.

I will start another thread regarding what we want to cover that

Please let others know about this. 🙂

First Agile Oxford meetup.

calendar, November 2010
So, it’s time to organise the first Agile Oxford meetup. November is the designated month, the venue is the offices of White October (off the Cowley Rd) and 7pm is the time. All we have to do now is to decide on a date.

To that end, I have created a Google Group for discussions about the Agile Oxford user group/meetup and a poll to see if there is any obvious evening in November to have the inaugural meetup.

The poll is going to close at midnight on Wednesday 27 October, so vote now!

Creative Commons image via Hichako’s Flickr

Google group for Agile Oxford

Here’s a link to a Google group that I’ve setup for the Agile Oxford user group that I started banging on about in this post. If you’re interested, why not sign up? It’s looking good that we’ll have our first meetup either in November or early December

Google Groups