Agile Tour Sydney 2011

Update – The inspiration from Agile Tour has turned into a mini-conference for Melbourne. I’ve written more about it, in subsequent posts.


What does Sydney have that Melbourne doesn’t? Well apart from the Bridge and the Opera House, this year Sydney hosted the first Australian instance of the Agile Tour, a series of non-profit, independently organised events held worldwide between October and December. Agile Tour originated in France in 2008 and has since spread to many countries, with the stated intention to:

“communicate massively together, all agile people, in the same period of time to help all cities to promote the ideas around the Agile, a way to manage complex project [sic]. Since 2008, this idea continues to create new stories, new cities continue to join us around the world and we want to accompany them to understand and discuss their vision of the [sic] Agile wherever there will be projects and people.”

The inaugural Agile Tour Sydney was held on 9-10 December at the University of Technology Sydney and was labelled “By practitioners, for practitioners”. Two of its main organisers were Jeremie Benazra and Karan Jain.

I decided that I should go for a trip up to Sydney to see what transpired and see if we could use some of the ideas in the future, in Melbourne. Here is a brief write up and a call to action at the foot of this article!! I would echo Rowan Bunning’s tweet:

Agile Tour Syd turned out to be the most immersive Agile conference experience I’ve had in Australia. Thanks everyone.

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