Agile training and lean training

I am involved with a variety of agile and lean training options, delivered by some of the best practitioners in the Melbourne agile and lean community. The Guerrilla Training series courses are one day courses on a variety of topics. There are also more in-depth courses on Management 3.0, Agile Master Classes, and Agile Business Analysis.

Guerrilla Training

Agile training—Different, better, more authentic

guerrilla_training_150The Guerrilla Training series consists of a regular cadence of one day sessions, on a variety of topics, held in stimulating venues. Agile and lean is meant to be different and better. So why shouldn’t agile training and lean training be different and better, too?

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Upcoming Guerrilla Training

“I realise that after yesterday, I now have a renewed sense of purpose for my particular Agile mission.” —Kelsey van Haaster

Management 3.0

Agile Leadership Practices

Upcoming courses in Melbourne, Singapore, and Johannesburg


Management 3.0 Agile Leadership Practices is an innovative approach that provides new business insights and teaches new practices for dealing with complexity and uncertainty in organisations. The course develops participants to create high performance teams and lead and manage Agile organizations.

The course is facilitated using Agile Pairing by two certified and experienced Management 3.0 trainers that both have a wide range of traditional and Agile management experience. Our mission is to train and energize executives, managers and teams to embrace complexity, work better together, experiment, innovate, learn, grow, flourish, deliver more value quicker and have more fun doing so!

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Agile Project Management Master Class

Courses in October and December 2013.

Bernd Schiffer

Craig Brown and Bernd Schiffer’s two day Masterclass commences with an introduction to the foundation and history of the Agile movement. It then looks at common practices and frameworks used on Agile teams including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up and XP.

Day two drills into project management activities related to planning, monitoring and controlling projects highlighting the role of collaboration, developing appropriate feedback and quality systems, including elevating the focus from schedule and budget targets to delivering customer value.

Craig has partnered with Swinburne University to offer this course.


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Agile Business Analysis

Introducing agile discovery and design practices that enable business analysts to participate in and support agile teams.

Practical activities are used throughout the course; you will envision a product, and progress through different approaches to build a shared understanding of that product vision.

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Management 3.0, and Guerrilla training, is presented by the Tabar network.