Free download: Product Backlog Creation Guidelines

Product Backlog Creation guidelines

I was once asked to draw up some guidelines to help steer a team through starting up an agile project. They wanted to have a clear understanding of what was needed to create their product backlog. So I fired up Omnigraffle and came up with a few pages, that gave an outline for that particular team. […]

Software Development is Hard. Updated.

A while back, I put up a previous version of this primer talk that I sometimes do. Most recently to a group of projects managers at the Department of Business and Innovation, here in Melbourne. I thought I’d share the latest version, and you can see it below.

Software development is hard […]

“Software Development is Hard” AKA “Keeping the kittens happy”

Update – I have updated this presentation, and you can see it here.

Here’s a presentation that I did a while back to some colleagues on the theme “Software Development is Hard”.

The audience consisted of a range of people, with differing levels of knowledge abut the matter. I was pretty happy with the […]